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If Conflict Arises

If you experience conflict with your supervisor(s) you should first speak with your primary supervisor to highlight what you think is the problem and try to work together to come to a resolution. If this does not improve matters, consider the following:

  • Speak with your secondary supervisor
  • Contact your Postgraduate Student Officer at the Students’ Union
  • Email your Postgraduate Advisor of Studies
  • Ask for help to set up a meeting with Postgraduate Advisor and the supervisor
  • Contact The Graduate School to enquire about training and support on developing your assertiveness, communication, confidence and leadership skills
  • Book an appointment with one of The Graduate School’s Postgraduate Consultants for discussion of the issues
  • Get in touch with Advice SU for help guidance and support
  • Get in touch with the QUB Student Wellbeing Team
  • Seeking advice from the Director of Graduate Study within your School
  • Changing your Supervisor

Changing Your Supervisor

Supervisory responsibilities can be changed at the request of a student or a supervisor.

If you feel that the relationship with your supervisor is not developing satisfactorily, and you consider changing, there is a formal process.

  • Contact either the Secretary/Chair of the Research Committee at your School to discuss your intention of changing
  • Contact your School Manager to discuss your intention of changing
  • Gather all the evidence that supports your decision of changing
  • Liaise with your School to officially change your supervisor(s), however, if unsatisfied with how issues are being handled, reach out to Advice SU for independent advice and support