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Simply, your Students’ Union’s policies are what you have agreed that your Union should do for you such as, committing to doing things in a certain way or setting off on a mission to change stuff - either on your course, on your campus, in your Students’ Union, in the University, in your community, or in the world!

Queen’s Students’ Union is run by you, for you. You are the boss - you decide what we do, when we do it and where. Your Union is here to make the changes to the stuff that matters to you… so, before a Policy is decided we do lots of research and spend a lot of time talking to you to find out what you really, really want.

Tick Tock - Policies Expire!

Any policy that has lived for a year or more expires after the next Annual Business Meeting of Student Council. Student Council can prevent a policy from expiring by voting to keep the policy at the Annual Business Meeting.

This auto-expiry system ensures that there is a list of active positions on issues and the work that we do remains fresh and relevant to you!