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Pledge Against Sexual Harassment

We want to see a society free of sexual harassment.

So many types of behaviours have become trivialised and normalised in our society, like: jokes; innuendos; catcalling; inappropriate comments; unsolicited pictures; and groping.

But these behaviours are not okay, they are forms of sexual harassment and they have no place on our campus or in our society.

We all have a part to play in making this better. We need to examine our own behaviour and call out the behaviour of others.


Sign The Pledge

We want all our students to sign the pledge, to commit to the following statements and make our society a safer place for all:

  • I will not carry out any non-consensual behaviour that permits to sexual harassment, including but not limited to: jokes; innuendos; catcalling; inappropriate comments; unsolicited pictures; and groping
  • If I see warning signs of sexual harassment I will call this behaviour out or seek help
  • I will believe and support victims of sexual harassment, I will be reassuring, avoid victim blaming and help victims to access support
  • I will reflect on and challenge my own beliefs about gender and sex