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Wellfast - March 2020

Who's running the Campaign

Ciarán O'Brien your Student Officer for Welfare. 


What it's all about 

Your Student Officer, Welfare has organised a week of activity to encourage you to have some fun, discuss some serious subjects and build more awareness around those so-called 'taboo topics’.




Monday 9 March 

Sex Positivity Workshop, 1pm-4pm, Club room 4, SU Elmwood

Common Youth will be hosting this open, honest and respectful conversation on sexual attitudes, where we get our information around sex and how having a more sex positive approach could impact society and our personal lives for the better.

Register free via eventbrite



Monday 9 March

Sex Quiz, Upstairs in The Speakeasy, 7.30pm onwards

A pub quiz on all things sexy, sexed-up and in general sex related!

 Prizes include:

  • 1st Place - A basket of sex toys
  • 2nd Place - A slightly smaller basket of sex toys
  • 3rd Place - You guessed it…more sex toys! 


Wednesday 11 March

Suicide Talk, 3.30pm - 6pm, Club room 1, SU Elmwood

SuicideTALK is a half-day session that invites students to become more aware of suicide prevention opportunities in their community. Dealing openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focuses upon the question, “Should we talk about suicide?”. Training offers participants a safe space to build their confidence to identify barriers to safety in the community and explore how to signpost those at risk with the safeTALK principles.

Register free via eventbrite