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Voter Registration



Students Voting 

Who's running the campaign

Your Student Officer Campaigns & Communications, Colin Stevenson

What we want to change and why we want to change it

In the last General Election, only 44% of 18-24 year olds voted, compared to almost 80% of over 65s. Politicians put so much effort into changes to pensions, the spend on older people, and cuts to inheritance tax because they make laws that interest the people who vote. 

If things were different and 80% of young people voted, politicians could increase the minimum wage, cut tuition fees, increase student support funds, provide better student accommodation, give increased funding to our Unis and provide more job opportunities for graduates! If you don't vote then you can't have a say in the way things are run.

It is so important that you vote in the General Election on Thurs 7 May. It gives you power, influence and a stake in society and we want to encourage as many young people to vote as possible.

How we are going to change it

Colin and has been working hard and has managed to get the University to agree to encouraging lecturers to be flexible with regards attending classes and coursework on Fri 8 May. This means that if you are registered to vote at your home address and want to return home to vote then you can talk to your lecturer and see if they will allow you to miss class the following day to save you making the trek back up to Belfast. They may say no, but they may also say yes... so it's definitely worth an ask.