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Know the Score



Know the Score

Who's running the campaign

Your Student Welfare Officer, Jessica Elder

What we want to change and why we want to change it

We want to give you the facts about drugs and alcohol so that you have all the information you need to make your own informed decisions.

So, we’re running a drugs & alcohol awareness campaign from 22-26 January to explain the different types of drugs, their effects, harm reduction and the long and short term consequences of drug misuse.

During the week, we’ll be hosting some fun and thought provoking events including a Pre-Match Health Clinic, a 28 Days Film Screening and a Sober Morning Rave (complete with glow in the dark face paint/glow sticks and free Mocktails!).

Find out about our event line up here.

We’ll also be travelling around campus with our Student Welfare Action Group (SWAG) handing out useful information booklets. If you miss us, feel free to grab one from Jessica on the 2nd Floor of the Students’ Union.

If you would like some further advice here's some useful contacts:

Within Queen's: Advice SUStudent Wellbeing ServiceStudent Officer Welfare
Outside of Queen's: Addiction NINI

Student Council has mandated Jessica to run a drugs and alcohol campaign - read the ‌Drugs & Alcohol Policy.

We're working with The Northern Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team and to make sure that this campaign is evidence based and reliable.  All information provided is sourced from these subject matter experts.

We in Queen’s Students’ Union do not wish to promote drug and alcohol use but fully believe that students should be given all the information they need to make their own choices. Any student who wants our support and advice will never be turned away.