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Brainwaves NI
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Hope 4 Life NI
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QUB RAG is the official fundraising group of the Students’ Union - bringing Queen’s students together to make the world a better place! Students at Queen’s are automatically a member of RAG, and each year it’s led by a committee of dedicated, passionate, and lively volunteers.

RAG helps students give back to the communities and causes that they’re passionate about, all while having fun and making new friends. RAG organises student fundraising events, activities and competitions that are slightly beyond the norm!

Each year, as part of the SU Elections, the entire student body votes for RAG's charities. Your elected RAG Charities for 2023/24 are:

Brainwaves NI

Brainwaves NI is the only volunteer-led brain tumour charity in Northern Ireland.  Charities tend to focus on research, so we are unique in that in addition to providing significant research funding we also provide support to our members by bringing them together. 

Hope 4 Life NI

Hope 4 Life NI is a small grassroots charity, with a dedicated team, who have delivered mental health and suicide prevention workshops to 28,000 young people and supported over 7,000 on our after-hours online support line. 


QUB RAG are now searching for their 2024/25 charity partners.  

Applicants must:

  • Be a Northern Ireland, Scotland, or England and Wales registered charity.
  • Have a base/service in Northern Ireland.
  • Demonstrate an unrestricted income of less than £200,000 (by unrestricted we mean where funds can be spent across the activity of your organisation and are not restricted to a certain project/initiative/funder requirement). For clarity, your charity can have other restricted income streams e.g. government funding, grants etc.
  • If successful, be able to ringfence funds to spend within Northern Ireland.

Find out more and apply by 5pm on Monday 12 February 2024.

QUB RAG - Charity Application 2024-25

  • Meet the Committee

    QUB RAG is led by a committee of student volunteers.

    This year the RAG Raise and Give committee is led by Chair, Harshitha Manjula Rajappa.

    The committee

    • Vice-Chair - currently recruiting
    • Events Officer - currently recruiting
    • Marketing Head - Pratishtha Kapoor
    • Liaison Officer - Sinéad Hosain

    We are currently recruiting a Vice-Chair and Events Officer.  Find out more and apply here by midday on Monday 29 January. 

  • Get In Touch

    Want to help with RAG's events, activities or competitions?

    Do you have a great fundraising idea that you think students would love?

    Or, are you carrying out your own fundraising and would like some advice and support?

    The RAG Committee Members want to hear from you!

    Get in touch with by emailing:

  • History of Raise & Give

    QUB RAG was founded way back in the early years of the University in the late 1800s-early 1900s.

    It has raised over £2,000,000 to date for various charities with the 2014/15 academic year seeing a record high of £115,000!

    Past 'raggies' have included former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese and the Godfather of Punk, Terri Hooley.

    QUB RAG can also boast being the organiser of the largest Pub Crawl in the UK & Ireland for its annual Fresher’s Pub Crawl.

    The term “to rag” was used in the late 1800s and it meant to pester or badger someone. It’s thought that around this time, university students who noticed the inequalities in society began to take time out of their studies to rag members of the public to donate to the more vulnerable members of society.

    Since then, rag evolved to stand for Raise & Give and groups were formed at universities across the UK and Ireland!