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Abraham Wilson

Hi Everyone! My name is Abraham Wilson, and I am your new Postgraduate Officer.

Before coming over to Belfast to pursue a Master's in Data Analytics and now working as the Postgraduate Officer, I worked as a Software Developer for an IT company after completing my undergrad degree majoring in Computer Science.

I have been actively involved in multiple projects like co-chairing the first Computer Science Association in my college and running some volunteering work like teaching programming to underprivileged school students.

These experiences have taught me a lot and helped me get a good portfolio of work, and now I am looking forward to having a more collaborative work environment.

As your Postgraduate Officer, I aim to represent your academic interests and make sure that you are supported throughout your studies at Queen’s.

I will also assist in developing the PG representation at Queen's by voicing the feedback from Course, School and Faculty reps to the academic staff to bring about necessary change.

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Some priority projects I hope to work on for the upcoming year are:

PG Reps
I will be working closely with postgraduate representatives to understand and raise the concerns and issues faced by the postgraduate community in specific.

I will conduct multiple events in collaboration with the clubs and societies at QUB to give PG students an opportunity they would ordinarily not get.

PG Mental Wellbeing
I want to raise awareness and help set up sessions exclusively for PG students.

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