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Global Opportunities

We appreciate there are many positives for an individual who chooses to volunteer globally.

Unfortunately, we are unable to endorse any global volunteering providers as we cannot assess the quality/ethics of the multiple providers who exist but we have provided some questions for you to consider if you are searching for a global volunteering opportunity yourself:

  • Is the project actually going to help a community?
  • Is the local community involved in the project at the destination?
  • Will the project support people for years to come?
  • Is the project likely to spend more on itself than helping people? Do you know where any funds raised go?
  • Who is taking responsibility for the work of the project and its outcomes?
  • Finances - do you know where any funds raised go?
  • Are volunteers supported? Pre-departure information & training and on-site support
  • Are volunteers matched to roles within their skill range?
  • Are there opportunities to support the organisation when you return home?
  • Does the project/organisation have a good reputation?
  • Is their website professional? Genuine photos (not stock photos), no typos, FAQ section, contact details section
  • Are their social media accounts active (post often), have good a good following and engagement with followers?
  • Is the organisation reviewed on Trustpilot?

Do a web search of the organisation and try to find forums or reviews where previous participants are talking about their experience with that organisation.