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Queen's University expects all students to adhere to its Conduct Regulations both on and off campus. If a student is suspected of breaching these regulations, the University may take disciplinary action.

The first stage is normally an investigation, where an Investigating Officer is appointed to report upon the allegations. Normally, the student will be invited to attend an investigatory meeting in order to inform the investigation. The Investigating Officer may then submit a report to a Disciplinary Officer, with or without a recommendation.

The Disciplinary Officer may then convene a disciplinary hearing before making a decision on the outcome of the investigation, or they may refer the case directly to a Committee of Discipline for further consideration.

Please click here for more information on the conduct regulations and student disciplinary process, or contact us for further advice and support.

Note that students who refuse to engage with the disciplinary process may be considered to be in contempt of the University’s discipline procedures and may be subject to an additional penalty.

No matter the circumstances or outcome, the disciplinary process itself can be stressful and it is important that you seek help from SU Advice, the Student Wellbeing Service and other support services to help you to continue to focus on your studies.