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Hints & Tips

  • Email, letter or text message is the best way to communicate with your landlord or agent as it will create a written record of your correspondence
  • Make sure you pay your rent on time and budget for all household bills. If you're struggling with your finances have a look at the help available in our Money section
  • Keep your property secure and have a think about taking out contents insurance from providers like Endsleigh as this is not provided under a normal private tenancy
  • Agree with your housemates early on in the tenancy as to how bills will be shared/paid and how any disputes will be resolved. (Please note - Advice SU can't become involved in inter-tenant disputes). You might want to set up a house group facebook page or whatsapp group
  • Make sure you know the University's regulations on bullying and harassment, social media policies, and disciplinary policies. Remember - your conduct counts both on and off campus
  • If you find you encounter any difficulties with disciplinary matters related to your tenancy in the first instance, please get in touch with us by emailing