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The University has a complaint procedure that any registered students can utilise to express their dissatisfaction. The process can be used by all registered Queen's students and can be used for up to one month after graduation or receipt of final results, whichever is sooner.

Anonymous complaints will not normally be accepted. However, in some cases where the University feels that there could be a risk to students, staff or visitors or of damage to the University's reputation, they may decide to investigate.

You cannot submit a complaint regarding any of the following:

  1. Academic judgement
  2. Board of Examiners’ decisions i.e. progression, assessment, and awards.
  3. Degree classifications
  4. Examination or assignment marks
  5. University Committee decisions i.e. academic offences, student conduct, academic appeals.

Group Complaints

The University will consider group complaints. The group must elect a representative or ‘Lead Student’ to act on their behalf. That student will need to provide evidence to support that they are indeed acting on behalf of a group and have consent to do so. The ‘Lead Student’ may wish to get a signed document with the names and student numbers of all students involved with their signatures to certify that they have granted permission for them to act on their behalf.

The Complaints Process