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Academic Appeals

After an assessment period has ended, all grades are confirmed by a Board of Examiners before being finalised and sent out to students at the end of each assessment period. You have the right to appeal the Board of Examiners decision if you believe there has been an error or circumstances that have impacted your studies that have not been considered.

Requirements for an Appeal:

  1. Must have received your confirmed results.
  2. Circumstances must fall within the grounds of appeal. (Please see further on)
  3. Evidence to support your appeal.
  4. The appeal must be submitted within 10 working days of the results being or by the University Appeal deadline. This should be available online. released.

FSAC Appeals

CSAC Appeals

If your appeal is dismissed at this stage or you feel the outcome of the appeal is not fair, then you can appeal the decision made by the FSAC and submit an appeal review to the Central Student Appeals Committee (CSAC). There are two grounds under which you can do this and it must be made clear under which you are appealing.